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This is so it. My favorite were the last two lines. Excellent writing.
Very well written. An authentic child's voice. Well done.
How lovely. I didn't expect the voice of God replying and that was awesome. I like how you wrote simply from a child's heart and emotion. Very well done! Keep it up. This is touching, I can relate to it well being young once and tenderhearted. I sometimes this in my own little six year old whose soft heart gets broken easily. Thx for sharing this. Beautiful. Janice

Great story...I could really feel her pain. I loved God's answer. I especially liked it when she learned who took her cookie.

I think you're missing some quotation marks at the end of several lines...good work...dave
This was cute and it might work in a Chriatian magazine for young kids if you add descriptive writing to it too rather than just have dialogue. Alternatively, you could turn it into a script for Sunday School classrooms.
I love the way Katie tells God exactly who she is! Perfect from beginning to end!
Wonderful job with God's "voice" and the way her spoke to this precious little girl on her level.

There were a few points where I thought she was a bit too articulate for a first-grader, but nothing major. The main idea--that God hears and responds to our prayers--is loud and clear, and very precious.
This is precious and wonderful. Your voice is just right for your child AND her Father - I am certain this is exactly how God talks to the little ones. I love the ending especially.
Aww, that made me teary-eyed. I like the conversation a lot. I think both children and adults would gain something from this story.
I enjoyed the story very much--loved how the little girl identified herself and her location to God "just in case." Her problems that she shared with God were certainly significant to her. I believe it is important for children (and grown-ups) to know that everything that concerns us matters to God.
This is so sweet. My first grader is dyslexic so she has had similar feelings as your character. What an encouraging story.
This should get children's attention. Very good pov and done in a delightful manner.
This is very sweet. I could picture the little girl in her bed, talking to God. Great job.
This is one of my favorites for this week! I love the title and the story. The 'reply' was my favorite part, especially the second to last paragraph with the cookie culprit. very sweet. Kudos to you! ^_^