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Excellent. You wormed your way into my heart and then BOOM, you got me at the end.
Your point is well made!
Wow! I didn't even see it coming! PROFOUND! You should have been a lawyer... or are you??? Point well made. I'm glad you're on our side!
Very good twist! Liked the logic stream. Thanks for the message!
Well constructed story. A great paparable. Thanks for resisting the urge to preach. Rudy's character nicely drawn. Wish all bosses told employees their work was appreciated! Well done.
What a gift Rudy received in the end. Your story was well told.
An excellent analogy. The message hits home pleasantly. Rudy is so loving, just like our Father. And Sam's pride - the sad thing is that a Sam would feel noble because he refused to take Rudy's money.

Great entry!
Very well put, makes me think!
Congratulations Lynda! Second placing for this quarter and your off 8th place! Yay! Well done lovely lady! The ratings were sooooo close this week. You were all very worthy winners. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Congratulations, Lynda. Great story! Like Deb said, you are definitely off to a great start this year.(:
Creative story-line and terrific story-telling. A well-deserved win! :)

Terrific entry! With so few strokes you successfully paint a realistic portrait betraying the inner workings of multiple characters, all within a complex analogy perfectly in sync with the theme. No small achievement! Congratulations -- it's good to see your name on top!
Isn't this the truth? The hard truth? And nothing but the truth? We are so proud and self-sufficient and hardly grateful - when God has given His all.