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Interesting--my two daughters were opposties, too, and still are even as adults. The things we learn from our children!

My only recommendation would be to occasionally use pronouns and other words to replace your proper names, to give your writing more variety.

Good descriptions; I felt as if I knew these two little ones.

I like the comparisons you made between the children's and Mama's walks. This is an interesting way to illustrate the importance of having confidence in Christ.
My favorite statement was, "Emma was quick to learn. Mason was quick to love." That sent an arrow through my heart and made me "sigh" out lot. I loved how you tied in the spiritual aspect. You won your readers by charming our hearts with Emma and Mason, but then went in for the "kill" with Mama's spiritual experience. Great job! This really could be a devotional piece. Intense applause!
This is so beautiful! Every mother can connect with your story. How we agonize over those early years of learning and growing. And your sketches of the children were so well drawn. Kudos to you. I loved it!
Enjoyed the comparisons, and the life lesson! Great stuff.
What a great lesson. My kids are each very different. They teach us so much without meaning to. Great job.