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Delightful and fun!! This title so intrigued me, I just HAD to read it. Great use of poetic devices!
Cute, playful, fun - and true! I've always been a barefoot person by nature...seems when the feet are free the rest of me feels free, too. :-)

Nice walk through the day in the life of TOES! You did a great job pulling me in with their various emotions. ;-D

Fabulous and fun! I was chuckling out loud while I read this. Thanks for the humor I needed right this moment! By the way, it's not only fun, but well written, too.
I know this has nothing to do with this wonderful piece of poetry you just wrote, but I couldn't help but think "Happy Feet" (the movie) when I read it. Nice work.
I'm thinking of my toe ring. Do you think it makes my toe happy or not? Fun, funny poem.
I liked this. Nice 'n light, made sense, didn't tax my brain but told me a story, and the Title pulled me in. Thanks for the fun read...perfect!
Oh, what fun!! I love this, Laurie! After a week of very busy Vacation Bible Schooling, my toes can REALLY relate! You so skillfully made our toes talk in this one. Just great!! TOE-tally delightful! ;-)
Oh I just love this. I could feel the moods as I read and it brought flashes of particular memories flooding into my mind.