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Just be glad it was all a dream! I can't imagine anything more embarrassing...well, I can, but it would be even worse!
Very cute. Not an expert in poetry so can't comment on presentation. Not a big fan of dream stories, but you pulled it off well. I enjoyed the read. God bless.
My, oh, my! What a DAY and what a dream!! :) Very cute poem that enabled me to picture every embarrassing detail from start to finish!
Your poem takes up the pace of your hurried movements and the humour that goes with it. Thank God it was only a dream, otherwise how would you have lived it down?
Oh this is a winner! I loved every line and the title too. Bravo!!!! I don't know what else to say except you nailed the topic.
Oh, Laurie! You got it right on the money! THIS is an embarrassing day for sure!..and cute ending of relief in that it never really happened. You so skillfully handled 'unmentionable' experiences with just the right words. Love how you write!!
Ahem, I'd just like to say.....oh gee, forget the formalities! This is a RIOT! Very cute, and I agree - you pulled of the "unmentionables" perfectly. :-)