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Member Comments
A lovely poem that takes on the topic of "sad"...and brings it home. A+ and Kudos!
Glad that tear made it out...probably followed by a gush of others.

A hard image full of pain, but realistic. You've created some really ood tension here, something your reader can "feel."

You've created a good poem, making sadness palpable. I like your message.
SO true in the telling.
The last few lines are very beautiful descriptions of how the Lord can begin to heal us, simply allowing our hearts to grieve.
You expressed the topic beautifully in this poem.
Beautiful concept for this poem...unshed tears. Those are the ones that really do the damage aren't they, but you so effectively moved the emotion and experience to a sweet release. So well done! You nailed the topic and held your readers.
Again, your transparency will bring healing to yourself and others.

I especially love your lines...
"I know the only way that I'll survive is letting loose of pain that keeps me bound."

In Jesus we can find the cure for unshed tears.

Wonderful writing!