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Member Comments
The lines of this beautiful poem flowed so well--what a great echo of our Father's faithfulness and love through our tough times of doubt and suffering.
This poem is beautifully written. "Just hush, Child," sets the tone perfectly.
Very nice--needs to be set to music, with a soft acoustic guitar playing in the background.
"The sunshine on the earth is cast." That's a lovely word picture! Beautiful writing.
A very well written flowed very well and never strayed from the original mood set.
Lovely. This would be a nice poem to comfort those who have recently lost loved ones.
Wow! This is so heartfelt! I like the repeating line of "Hush Child" it almost seems to fit as the title instead of "No More To weep" but good job with this, the ryhme and flow-excellent! ^_^
This is beautiful!
Simply beautiful, I could definitely see this set to music. One of my favorites!
What a sweet,comforting poem. It sounds like it should be a lullaby.
This is absolutely STUNNING and lovely in every way. I think my heart is sitting on the table beside me ;) Beautifully constructed and tenderly told. Beautiful.