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Member Comments
Well done. It took me by surprise when I realised whose point of view this was from!
Your poem does an excellent job of showing that God is always with us, ready to take away our anger with His healing touch. He just wants us to look to Him.
I absolutely love this poem! And I'm not a poetry person. How many of us have asked those questions? What a wonderful way to write God's perspective in answer. Great job!
The word "Awesome" is over used, but I can't think of any other; these unanswered questions that come from earth and heaven alike...are worth pondering. Beautifully done, and a Terrific Messsage. Yes, Awesome is the word... Kudos!
This is well done. I love the answering stanza's. How very true!
I loved the reply from God -- it spoke so clearly to my heart. Good job with this topic.
I love the form of this poem, how you gave God a chance to reply in his frustration, the way he must constantly be doing up there when we down here get started, LOL. Excellent job.
Laurie, this poem speaks to every heart! Yes, the unanswered questions are portraits of each of our lives at different points of grace and growing. Incisive and inspiring. Yes, the voice of God is wonderfully imaged here! I love your poems!!