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Member Comments
Excellent message coming from an "angry" piece. Loved the last line.
A good testimony to how God can change someone.
Loved the writing in this entry. So down to earth about "Why he was in jail"...and such a great ending. Common sense comes around for the final show-down; Loved it! Great read!
This is a very good story to show a lesson learned.
This has a real "film noir" tone to it...gritty and real. Well done.
You paint a masterpiece with your words - this was like watching a movie. Excellent.
I love these vignettes, telling the MC's story from uncontrolled anger to redemption to testimony. The language is so colorful and the voice comfortably intelligent. Excellent.
Excellent, excellent writing. Your descriptions are so vivid. Great job!
I like the contrast between the two sets of confrontations. The first is written as a textbook example of where runaway anger, fueled by alcohol and drunken peers, can land a man. The second is an example that leads a man to a way of peace and real concern for his peers.
This reminds me of the song, "The Winner" it carries much the same message and you've done an excellent job of showing that sometimes those best equiped to help are those who have been in the other man's shoes. Great job.
Good descriptive writing, got your message strong and clear! Good writing!