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Fear came through a little stronger than confusion, but I thought your poem overall expressed well the contradictory elements of an eating disorder and its associated emotions.
Wonderful poem giving insight into the thoughts and struggles of one battling an eating disorder. Your last line is perfect,unexpected, which is good! So skillfully written!
You dealt beautifully with a deep problem here.
A bit mind-boggling for those of us who have the opposite problem. (*.*)- but loved the Title and last line, and it would be a good entry for this week's Topic of "fearful". Nicely done.
That last line could be used by anyone who struggles with their eating habits. Well told, and a great way to give the reader an insight into how a person with an eating disorder thinks.
That last line is a winner. It really holds the piece together. Don't know if this poem is fictional or autobiographical; if it is the latter, thank you for being open with us and giving us a glimpse into a struggle many don't realize exists. A solid effort.
A very insightful piece on a misunderstood problem, commonly left untouched by outsiders. Good job.