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I really like how you put the events of Revelation into today's scenario. What a horrible confusing time for our world...they'll need someone they can turn to for answers during this time, someone to make sense of the confusion. I really like what you did with the topic. VERY thought provoking! Glad I won't be there.
Not having any idea who wrote this, I can't imagine your age but this sounds like it could have been that famous radio broadcast by Orson Wells away back (before my time too, I think!)that was so dramatic and real-sounding that people actually thought that Martians HAD invaded the planet. The difference here is that you could very well be describing how it will really sound when those final days come. Very well done.
A brilliant take on Revelations. Since you are obviously a good writer I would like to see more use of adjectives to describe some things. Example in paragraph 3 you used the word "severe" twice. How about deep coma or a fierce hailstorm, just a suggestion I am sure you can up with more. Good writing keep up the good work.
We can only imagine. This is a good take it what might be.
Oooh, I don't want to be here when all of this takes place! As it is, every time I swipe my card at the grocery, I think of Revelation and the money situation in the end times! You did a great job in describing how the world might view the catastrophes, according to God's Word, that are coming. *Shudder*