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Men live on average four years less than women. I for one gladly trade those four years away just to avoid the "curse", bearing children, PMS, Migraine headaches, uncomfortable unmentionables, perms, and makeup. Four years is a good deal. As for the roar you speak of is it any wonder we men have selective hearing? I like your tale...I'm married to a woman...a good woman...but a woman none the less. I have an adiction to her. Enjoy your years of blood sucking.
Bravo! I laughed so loud when I read your wonderful piece that I woke my husband out of a sound sleep in the next room!

This is priceless! You are uniquely talented. I like your style!
Men are waffles, women spaghetti? I'm not sure about that. Sometimes I can waffle with the best of them!! Great, fun article. This one is likely to place way up there!!
This cleverly written piece should be in Masters. It's that good! My favorite line was the one about going through the "change." Thanks for the laughs.
Hilarious. I especially like this one: "Maybe after years of the curse, women change into what? Dracula?"

Boy, am I glad I'm through "mental pause" but does that mean I don't have any more excuses or issues, and can't roar anymore? No a chance!
Love the "Global Warming" mystery solved by women! Boy, can I relate to this article and it's so clever and funny! Excellent and a favorite of many women, I'm sure. (And men, if they care to learn something...)
I was going to copy and paste my favorite part but decided I couldn't paste your entire entry. There are some many really, really funny thoughts here.

I love this line for the husbands:
I am husband, lots to fear.
When you roar, Im outa here.

This is great! Bravo. Keep it up.
I like how the openning sets the tone for the whole piece -- "youth or anyone under sixty" and the earning the right to speak because she reached a certain birthday. Great, fun article.
What a blast! The best laugh I've had all day. You've got a very powerful, yet subtle wit. I wonder if one of us of the testosterone company could do a reply to this? You may have started a (light-hearted) war here.
SO much fun! You have an amazing writing style that grabs you and doesn't let go. This was a hoot!
Excuses, excuses! This ought to confuse all men.
I laughed all the way through this and wasn't at all confused (which only goes to show you I'm female and the curse doesn't work against me, except for when it does ;) ).
Wonderfully funny and clever piece you have here, Dianne! Laughter is a good medicine, so I'm sure I will be in good health all day today after reading this! :D Excellent writing!
Diane, I just got through reading this today and, as usual, it was Masterful. Your wit, your humor, takes confusing issues and clarifies a hilarious way. It's charming. It's disarming. You have good insights and know how to ball them all up into conclusions. It really is a special, unique talent. You have the heart of a comedian: you take everyday things, look at them a bit askew, then report back to us so that we can share in the humor you harvest. Keep it up, girl! You're developing quite a fan club!