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I loved your finely drawn characters and the unique tenor of this piece. It is one that can stand alone without any particular message - though I'm sure there is a "generational" one if we look for it.
Love the voice of this. You kept me intrigued from start to finish.
Thoughtful story - I would have liked to see some dialogue (but that's only an opinion). I like this one.
This is an interesting read. I would have liked to see a stronger link to the topic, but I could really picture the characters and what life there was like. My favorite line had to do with Edna being "intense": "She held on to the word until it finally did come to define everything she did." This is such a true reminder of how we can sometimes allow other people's descriptions of us influence who we become...and a warning to each of us to tread softly with our words, particularly with loved ones.