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Very good! Great poetic elements, and I'd really, really love for this to be read by lots of teens going through similar eating issues. Thanks for this contribution.
This is a very well written poem on a tough subject.
This is a well-written poem. It's interesting how sometimes the things we fear are also the things we hang on to. This is a really insightful piece.
Thank you for sharing "Time to Choose." Your insight will help others understand the pain of eating disorders.

The most eye-opening line:
"To me, to eat means giving up control."
A great description of the fear of eating and food. So many are suffering from this disorder now! Your poem sheds needed light on this subject.
Your thoughts almost directly mirror my sil's view, especially the thought of losing control over the one thing she feels she CAN control. Beautifully done.
Perfect poem for your topic, Laurie! I really like the way you've captured a feeling of stress in both the words and the rhythmic 'feel' of this. The shortness of the poem adds to the 'economy' of the theme of it too. Those elements are beautifully subtle yet very effective. Great job!