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I really like the structure, with the flashback in the middle. This was scary and powerful, and ultimately very satisfying. Great writing!
This is great. I could feel the emotions and see the hut. You did a great job.
I really enjoyed your writing. I too liked the flashback in the middle. Good against evil always works for me. Thanks!
Loved your title and opening sentences! They drew me right into your story, and your excellent writing kept me glued right to the very satisfying end! :) Great job!
I loved this article! Very exciting and engaging story telling.
Terrific Title, and I loved the humor that popped up along the way. The "toad", the "fire from heaven", etc. Great story and written very well. Intriguing,interesting and enlightening bit of wisdom in this piece. I give it an A+ ...but sorry, I'm not the Judge. (smile)
This was really good. I liked your descriptions and the way the tension built. Having spent years in Africa, I know that witch doctors can be very intimidating but God is always greater!
Oh, very, very good. My pastor encountered witch doctors on trip to Haiti. They indeed feared the name of JESUS. This is wonderful. A well deserved win for sure!
Very good writing--smooth, intense...and a hint of humor. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your much deserved EC. This is very good writing. I like the way you took a very powerful topic and presented it with both intensity and humor. Nice job.