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The phrase "table turning fury" is just SO good! Wonderful last stanza in this perfectly metered and structured poem.
What a lovely, fulfilling poem. Perhaps He won't answer all our questions, but He will calm our soul if we fill our mind with Him. Nicely metered and rhymed, and just reading it seemed to calm my worried mind.
Poetry is a form I really can't critique. I loved your words "table turning fury". I liked this piece. Then again I liked the lines of the AMC Pacer when it first came out. Reminded me of the Jetsons. *duck thrown items*
Laurie, this is such a real, straight to the innermost parts poem. There's no sentimentality, just real life, real 'eye to eye', 'this is the way it is' style, and I find that refreshing and honest. I know where this poem comes from. It's a place we all have lived in at times. You've really captured that place, feeling, and the solution. You've spoken for so many of us!