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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Ha, what fun! This is one of my favorite stories this week! Good job!
I love how this starts! Good story. :-)
The image of champange bubbles will never be the same. Loved it!
Very good! It's all too easy to forget to enjoy our children.
What a relief to see her grow up a tiny bit and see outside of the bubble of herself.
Well thought out and articulated, nice job.
Lively story told with humour and compassion.
Cute! I'm bothered by the fact that Ian was still awake and happy at midnight, but I guess that he had a different body clock to some kids???! A fun entry with a nice message. Thanks for posting it.
Congrats on another win. You go girl!
Congratulations, Lynda -- you're on a roll! Great way to bring in your first FW anniversary! You have a lot to show for the year. Great writing: honest, thoughtful, and funny, tied together in a satisfying ending. Neat package I enjoyed opening! Thank you,
Wonderful! Congrats again! You are on a roll. Love the fart bubbles...too real!
Nice job, Lynda, and thanks for sending me this link. Watch for this to appear on the Front Page Showcase for the week of January 7.
You have acheived more wisdom
at 21 then many people will see in a lifetime. God Bless you and Ian.
This was a great story. Nice to see it here!
Great entry. I enjoyed it.
Glad I stopped to read this! Really nice story! Glad it made the showcase. It brings a new perspective to New Year's Eve celebrations. Awesome! :)