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Member Comments
Wow! It made me cry, it made me laugh. I could just see this elderly man walking through the cemetery and feel his thoughts and the comfort he received as he remembered. Good Job.
Well written and very moving. I liked how you set the scene, and gave us insight into the lives of those who had died.
It's been awhile since I added a poem to my favorites, but this one spoke to me and moved me, besides being very well accomplished. God bless.
This truly touched my heart - and definitely a unique take on the topic. (I think I may know who wrote this - maybe) Wonderful, wonderful images. You are gifted at this.
How absolutely touching and full of grace! Beautiful poetically, too.
How well this flowed and how captivating the story. Very unique perspective, too!
As one who loves contrasts and paradoxes in writing, I thought your idea of using a cemetary scene as a place of encouragement a really creative approach. I loved the progression through the headstones, each calling forth a special memory and encouragement.
What a unique take on the topic! I loved this. Great job!! Hugs!
This makes me rethink cemetaries as a place of encouragement. Creative and a touching poem - just beautiful!
I like cemeteries...they are peaceful in some way. I love the fact that the MC is gathering encouragement from those that have gone ahead--and from the fact that he is going to see his friends again.
Well written and unique! I like the images presented in your poem.
Your poem flows well, both structurally and in thought...just like the walk through the cemetery. What a creative take on the topic.
As my husband and I like to say when we're caught by tears, "I got Tender." Beth, what a beautiful picture of encouragement. It's a good reminder that we can look back at those we've loved and lost and our heart can be cheered. I may have been prepped by your previous entry "Through the Ages," but I this time, it wasn't just a welling up of tears...there was a spilling or two. Thank you.
Beth, this was a wonderful poem. I was with the man as he walked through the cemetary. It took me back to when I walked, years after my mother went to glory, in a cemetary, once familiar, but forgotten and changed....How memories speak to a person! It is like reliving, with such sad-happy thoughts. I loved your poem. .... And thanks for your comments on my Uncle Bill challenge piece....Yes, other members of the family have often talked about Uncle Bill, but no one knew him like we did....Helen
Wow, what an incredible piece! And from one who knows a whole lot about encouraging friends!!!! ;)