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Loved the history of home group presented here up until the end days when we have to worship and gather in secret and persecution. Really hits home just how blessed we are right now with our freedoms. Thanks for reminding us that home groups is not just a fad or trend in our present lives but has always been a place for believers to meet.
Very creative take on this topic - enjoyed each little "vignette" - and, of course, the last one grabbed me.
Very creative, and I love the way each section has a tone of it's own for the time it's written. The 1960's vignette was so authentic in voice, and the last one is urgent and sad.
And some people thought that home groups were a new invention! Very good you have me captured from the start. I especially loved 1966 it reminded me of the Eganville Leader, a weekly published in the village near where my mother grew up. They always put in all the details of who did what, and who was visiting from where. Delightful.
Congratulations Beth!!!!
Congratulations! This is a wonderfully unique approach to the topic. It's both informative and inspiring. Love it!
This is really creative - the way you changed the voice and rhythm to fit the time period. Great take on the topic. Congrats on a well deserved HC.
Just doing a little reading this afternoon and thought I would drop by. I'm so glad I did because your entry for Home Group is a treasure. Great writing - especially your skill in moving from era to era. Your insight in regards to our likely future is keen.
Wow Beth...
I can hardly sustain the trickle of tears after reading this. Thank you for your creative perspective. I followed your piece through time. It seemed as though I was present for each letter...
A good reminder of God's Faithfulness "Through the Ages."