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Love it! Way too much fun and very creative. Great job!
I enjoyed this clever rhyme.
This is my favorite entry I have read so far! I love poetry for one. But, the picture you were able to paint was so close to home for me, being an Iowa Girl at heart. After reading your entry, I began thinking in meter! I enjoyed the first verse that mentioned a corn field on the "ear" of the property. :) Nice pun, even though it may not have been intended! I could clearly picture the Greers, their steer and their ears...of corn, that is...developing wonderfully in this poetic description of "A Stitch in Time." Kudos to you...I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and I hope my long, drawn-out praise of it will contribute to how it places! :)
So funny! Poor Wellington. Clever, cute, and great fun to read!
I love it... :) So funny!
What a delightful poem! You have us all smiling and chuckling all the way through! I would say "Well done!" but in memory of Wellington, I'll just say, "Super job!" instead. ;-)
Loved this poetic, creative and humorous take on our Topic this week! Very nicely done! (one tiny suggestion in the 4th verse to make it flow a little smoother..."Queried Mister Greer.") Super job! Kudos!
A fun piece - that last stanza definitely tickled me. Love these story poems, and you (yes, I believe I know who you are LOL) are one of the best. Nice work.
simply brilliant!
This made me chuckle; love it. Perfect for this week's topic.
Priceless--So well done--One of my favorites this week
If I guessed correctly you have been my mentor since my first entry as a Beginner. This entry is a prime example of why.
I I guessed wrong... well, you rival my mentor.
Fine way to communicate with a mentor...
Should have been "IF I was wrong"
Creative, loved the pace, the last stanza was great. Thanks.
Extremely clever, great poetic elements, witty and fun to read.
What a wonderful piece! I loved it! Great use of poetry!
Ooooh...LOL! I liked that. I saw that something would be happening to the precious corn if that fence didn't go up soon...but you made the outcome hilarious and showed how the Ed happily put up a new fence. Great job. ^_^
I love everything about this...the agricultural theme, the humor, the rhythm/rhyme scheme, and the subtle, but obvious message. Excellent writing.
Oh, this is a winner IMHO. Where to start? The repetition of the "Greers" at the end of each stanza is great. The story develops so well. But the best part is the punchline at the end. The last 2 lines are soooo perfect. Bravo! Well done, Wellington! (oops, sorry)
An ironic message delivered in poetic verse. Now that takes talent and creativity both. Well done! Or should that be medium rare? : )
This one reads like a song! I can almost hear Irish music...
definitely a favorite! You've done well setting the hook and reeling us home. Great and funny job!
This was a winner in my book.. one of the best poems I have read in any challenge.. thanks for the smile... a real "master" piece
I JUST Found this wonderful poem! Hope am not too late in congratulating you on it!
It is great! Thank you Sister.
Loved it! Spent a few years living in Iowa, so I can picture the acres of corn. The rhythm and rhyme were good, and Beef Wellington on the menu made me laugh aloud. Thanks for the great read.
I LOVE this - I am SO glad you joined us for Fiction Fridays, so I have an excuse to read your amazing stuff again (oh, and are you implying, since this is in Friday FICTION, that this is not based on a true story?? I'm shocked! hehe). Soooo fun !
Beffy, always love your poems! I love the laughs, too. Glad you joined us on FRIDAY FICTION. from Vonnie
This is a compliment but the entire time I had this to the tune of the Gambler by Kenny Rogers. I loved the flow and humor, and so glad you shared it with Fiction Friday.
Heehee-glad I got to read this one again. ^_^ (and I'm glad ya joined the Friday Fiction group too!)
LoL--Beth, I absolutely love your poems!! They are WONderful!! Hugs!!