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Member Comments
This is EXCELLENT! The ryhme, meter, the flow. everything! The story you've portrayed is a roller coaster of emotions and snowballed choices that I think nearly every reader can relate to. Great, great writing! ^_^
Oh, what a wonderful testimony in verse of our Lord's unfailing grace! What a blessing! Thank you for writing this tribute to living The Life.
This is absolutely lovely.
Wow, what a rhyme! No, it's a story! WAit, it's a story that rhymes! Incredible, creative, excellent piece.
I really enjoyed this it is packed with wisdom
I love the first few stanzas. They really tell how easy it is to simply stray big rebellion, just a few small tears in the heart. An easy to read and touching message in your poem.
Congratulations, Charla, on placing 12th in your level with this piece. Great job!