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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Darling rhyme! How clever!
I trust that you had as much fun writing this fun, yet topic-nailing poem, as I did reading it.
Even a meter issue or two couldn't spoil it.
ROFL! This is just too funny! The words that come to mind are "Cute" and "Charming" A truly delightful read-and yeah, it's on topic! ^_^
Deliciously charming. And I think it’s the French expressions that make it stand out. What about ‘la galerie’ instead of ‘the gallery’ right at the end?
You get three Cs on this one - creative, clever and cute. I loved it!
Priceless! I love it! A grin from the first line to the last.
Love this from beginning to end. Excellent job.
This is so creative and on topic. Great job loved it.
I think I've seen that racoon a few times before. Fun, creative read and a great take on the topic.
Quel desastre! We share an animalistic french flair this week and yours is simply mahvelous! Love this poem from beginning to end; it's fun and clever and right on topic.
Congrats on 1st place!!!! Well deserved on this creative and excellent piece!
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is very clever.
Adorable! I love the French interspersed throughout your clever rhyme. Congratulations, Beth! I'm so happy for you.
Congratulations on 1st place. This is wonderful!
Wonderful, loved the description of the raccoon. Congrats!
C'est tres bon!
C'est magnifique!
This is absolutely delightful. I'm honored to sneak in after you. I'm proud of you for first place!
Congratulations!!!!! I'm so excited for you! This is incredibly clever and I can just picture Le Curator's barn and then the racoon coming in to steal the cat food. I especially love the stanza, "Few animals dared to trespass in
Le Curator’s domain,
Especially if their nose could smell
And they possessed a brain."
I'm putting this in my favorites.
What a fun poem to read! Congrats on your win. :)
No wonder you got first! This is wonderfully delightful and delightfully wonderful. I absolutely LOVED the whole thing, but especially this verse:
Few animals dared to trespass in
Le Curator’s domain,
Especially if their nose could smell
And they possessed a brain.
You are a master, my KAish friend. ;)
My blessed Sister in the Lord, the more I read of your poetry, the more I praise the Lord for His great gift to you.

This is so ferfect, it stirs in me the assurance to keep smiling.Thank You. Glory be to our God, Amen