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Fun! My favorite line? - "The only subject that was taught Was Prey First Then Devour." :-D
I like the bouncy meter of this rhyme - just begged to be read out loud.
This is absolutely delightful. Great writing.
Excellent rhyming! This is a great illustration of the topic. It reminds me of how I started taking guitar lesson--quit them. Then I bought a video to teach me. I COULD successfully play 3 chords, which meant I could play "We are one in the Spirit." (which would have been helpful back in the '80s but not so much now...)--NOW it is sitting in my piano room by the piano I still can't play after 3 semesters in college. I don't like to crawl before I can walk!!!!!

Wowsers, is this ever clever! So funny, superbly written, and a witty little lesson tucked in among all the fun.
Perfect poetry. I loved this witty application of the proverb. Your meter flowed without a ripple.
Love this! The poetry knocks my socks off and the lesson is oh-so-funny. Poor Buford. You have many funny lines and word pictures in this gem.
I'm a sucker for a pun--prey first??? You're a gifted story teller, as well as poet.
Cute! This was fun to read, I liked the names and the lesson, which wasn't thrown in your face. I bet kids would like this-great work! ^_^
I enjoyed the levity of this cleverly written poem. Very creative, too!
This was fun to read. Can't help much more then that since I am no poet and admire those who truly are!!