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Very well written. It's quite real too, birthdays could be disaapointing sometimes,enjoyed reading it.
Each year rang true. Real life often invades the hope of special days! This was well-written and real. Nothing will seem exactly right until we reach our heavenly home.
Well written. Believable.
Very interesting, real life does things to us, you have captured the story. Well done.
I thoroughly enjoyed each encounter, even re-living some of my own disappointing birthdays. Thank you for reminding me there will be a day, when we are all born into the eternal, no more to cry!
What worked for me was crying for the right reasons, the unconditional love of our kids - a very special thing.
Loved it! Great progression!
Creative take on the subject. Liked the progression that took place for each stage of life. The day we die is truly the day we are born, isn't it? Great job!
"Bouys?" - perfect! Lynda - I loved this story - it has such a srong build up that I think it might need a little stonger ending. Keep me interested all the way through. Enjoyed it.
Very clever way to introduce us to her whole life. nice!
Very unique and clever and well written--I liked it!
Beautifully written. A chronological history of tears, leaving the reader to find hope in Heaven... tearless birthdays from eternity on. PTL
Nicely written. A little sad.
Oh my, isn't this such a true reflection of life? Do we ever grow up and really understand what is going on...until life is almost over? Praise God for the reality of no more tears!!