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This is wonderful! What a great voice your narrator has! Loved it!
I really liked this and I felt like I was sitting in on a conversation. What a great purpose for the trip--LoL, and Not the sports stuff. A very enjoyable read!
Talk about "giddy" - this was the absolute! The Fantastic! Superior read I've had in a month of Sundays! Writing was excellent, the concept of "Right-Hand Man" terrific, and cured my usual attention span disorder on the spot! A real gem! Not once did I get bored and wish for the ending! Perfection personified!...and A triple "Kudos" to this writer!
Super Read, Masterful Write, and satisfied customer entertainment-wise, and spirtual-wise! 'nuff said.
You drew in this generally non-sports person. I was waiting to see who the third guy was, and was delighted that it was his pastor.