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Member Comments
Wow--what a story! Excellently written, you perfectly described the tension of the running soldier. It reads like a movie.
I was transported to this scene. Perfect for topic, great telling of an untold story. Loved the part about being ferried by angels. Outstanding.
This is my favorite of the Advanced ones that I've read so far. At first I thought it was incredibly unrealistic for a Roman soldier to run instead of fighting, but when I realized he was running to tell his children of Jesus...then it was perfect! And it was very well written with vivid imagery. Well done.
Wow! You've really brought this Biblical story to life. You've done a great job of relaying the imminent threat to the reader. I wonder how many Roman soldiers we'll meet in heaven? Very nice work on this.
I love this POV. It was a great biblical angle to take on this topic. Excellent!
Interesting take on the topic. Well written!
This is some of the best writing I have found. Good job.