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Packed with emotion!! Very good writing - sad but good ending.
A good, well-written story about lessons learned the hard way. I would like to have had a clearer understanding of what happened to the dog.
NOW, the Title becomes crystal clear! Like the commenter before me, I too wonder...but there are clues about Black Jack "pestering the animals at night", and running near "the tractors and trucks"...which gives me the hint that perhaps he was injured by a moving vehicle or gored by a bull; but either way, this is a very creative and very well written entry, however sad.
Kudos for a job well done!
This is an awesome story--outstanding in all aspects.
Waaay to confusing, from about the second paragraph I figured it would be an "Ole Yeller" story. But the fact that you didn't clear it up at all, left the reader hanging.
Oh man, this was POWERFUL! I knew Daddy was on his way to shoot Black Jack from the beginning, to put him out of his misery, no doubt, after some sort of injury. I LOVED the way you wrote this...The two concurrent lines...the parents' sadness and the boy's na´ve excitement...the way you built the foreboding...and finally at the end with all of the wishes, sparing us the gory details but capturing all the was flawless in my book. A real winner. It has earned a place in my Favorites. Congratulations on your EC.
What a story! Excellent! And congratulations on your well deserved EC.
Congratulations on your EC. This is very well written. The POV was very effective.
COngratulations on your EC. This is outstanding!
Congrats on this excellent story. It was clear the father was going to put down an animal, but when it became evident that it was the boy's fault, ouch, that really hurt. The ending was perfect.
Congratulations on your second place win. Like other readers, I agree that this was a story filled with emotions. You depicted the actions of a boy concerned about his pet, very well. Because Dad took his gun and refused to let his son follow, I figured what the ending would be, but like another reader, I was wishing that more was said about the Black Jack. You did give good hints, though. I could feel Caleb's pain. What a lesson the poor boy learned...Another good title for this story would have been "A Wishful Mourning." Great job.... Helen
What wonderful writing, Jason. Your detail is gripping, putting the reader right in the little boy's shoes, so to speak. Excellent!
This is just as awesome with a second read!