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Member Comments
Lovely. You were in sync with the emotions and wrapped it all up with the perfect ending.
A wonderful story of love and forgiveness.
You've captured the emotions right on target. Emotionally charged entry and done very well.
Well written, packed with feeling. Thank you.
Very well expressed.
I really felt this happening. Nice work!
I really like the way you've got the short little paragraphs throughout ... 'Would anything?', 'Or did I?' etc. It was lovely to read that ending ... and yet it was a beginning. Also good was the parallels between the two 'meeting your father for the first time' stories.
So heartfelt and sweet. Written with ease regarding emotional expression. I have to admit, I love happy endings! Great job! :)
Snif.....I loved this! You really packed alot of emotion into this piece. Great job!
I was carried along by the progression of her emotions - great flow. And I was caught up in the anticipation of the "meeting" - well done. :)
Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Bravo!Thank God for fathers.
Very nice! I think this could be a winner...
What a meeting! Such good writing and letting the emotions move along with the story. Well done.
Good ending! Great job!
Lynda, as always you are up there in my favorite list. This is outstanding work. I felt the emotions throughout. Congratulations on placing. The competition was very tight this week!
Well done Lynda! I loved the honest emotions expressed in this piece. Very real and touching.
A heart wrenching read, Lynda. Loved the potential hope for your character to tell her dad exactly how she feels and for her to find healing through a heavenly father.
Found myself choking up when reading this. The potential for healing is what lurks behind every door of abandonment. The rendez-vous clutched something in my heart, and I wanted to feel that same reassuring embrace.