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This amazing piece represents John's memories beautifully. You kept true to Scriptural reference with your thoughts and made a vivid picture of John in his last days. This was especially meaningful to me because I visited the Isle of Patmos in April and saw where John was imprisoned.
The title drew me in, and didn't disappoint. This was beautiful. Incredibly written.
This evoked lots of feelings of loneliness and camaraderie, sorrow and joy all blended. Well done.
So poignant, so lovely and flawlessly written. One of the best for this topic.
Very nicely done.
Unique idea. What a thoughtful, poetic chain of tributes from the Lord's "Last Man."
Great POV. Your words were powerful... very well written.
I really enjoyed this. Congratulations.
What I loved about this piece when I first read it is that it made me want to give John a hug. It had to be hard being the last to die, and, yet, what a great mission awaited him. I am happy for you : ) Congratulations!!