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Member Comments
How well the tension is captured - and released!
I like this. Very interesting POV. Good descriptions in this story. Trying to remember if I know the clenched fist with thumb up sign. I like the way you expressed the ending too. Nicely done.
Great job. I could feel Maya's tension and the descriptions were wonderful!
I liked the pace of this and the way you let us get into Maya's head as she concentrated on making the shot.
Oh boy! You had me holding my breath when Maya came back onto the floor after the timeout. Very well written.
Wow, I can see why this placed...action frozen in time. How did you do that? It's great. You could feel the tension and identify with the Maya so, so well.
Congratulations, Jason. Well deserved for your story and writing skill. Loren emotional. I was rooting so hard for Maya I almost forgot I was just reading. Great story and a well deserved EC win!
The last paragraph is so amazing. I love that she FELT the victory. The way you described it, I could almost feel it under my feet too! Awesome job.
Congratulations on a well deserved win. I was rooting for Maya all the way through and, like the others have said, I too could feel her tension. Excellent writing.