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Clever take on the topic and an interesting read. We must be patient as the Lord leads us.
Your story does a good job of showing how the Lord is patient with us in the steps He takes to shape us to be His. I like how you showed the impatience of the angel, who would then realize this new creation would be above him.
I thought the title was very appropriate! I liked the repetition of the spinning, spinning lines. personally i wouldn;t have chosen to call my angel Clarence - it is too much like the character in "It's A Wonderful Life".
Very cool allegory!

How can a vessel pour something into itself?

This would make a really good dramatic reading for three voices.
This is very orginal and a clever spin on the topic. Well done.
"My hand is still on him," is such a meaningful line, one that I need to be reminded of for myself quite often as I feel so out of sorts. I agree, though. Clarence is too familiar. Still, I love this piece and the reminder that our pain is for a reason. Good job!!
Very clever. 'and yet my hand is still on him'. How often do we become mishapen and crumble, and yet His Hand never lets us go. May God Bless you for this reminder.