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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
Yes, praise God that Jesus sits on that stand - watching and ready to pull us from the brink when we fail.

Thanks for a very meaningful article.
This is my favorite entry!

Such a brilliant idea to relate the lifeguard to God. And the illustrations you gave were very apt as well.

Great life lessons on a God who doesn't give up on us even though we stray from safe waters time and again!
I love the phrase about 'dental floss' clad girls! You have a good solid message coming through. Well done.
Very original! It held my attention through to the end, and I really enjoyed it. Good job!
This one is really well written and meets all the criteria! The deeper level of the story is very clear. Lots to think about. My favourite so far.
An excellent entry and message.
Fantastic! The lifeguard is an awesome portrait of God and the persons on the beach are typical of humanity. You succeeded in presenting several 'warnings' in this piece. I especially liked how you portrayed the undeserved anger toward the lifeguard. I love this story!
Truly nice vision, nicely written and hopefully people will realize how carefully Jesus looks after us, even when we don't often enough appreciate it. Great writing.
You draw a beautiful picture of our loving, patient Lord. Very well done!
Nicely done story, a readable commentary on boundaries and the parameters set by our Lord for our own good! I found myself wanting to fall in love with this loving life guard.......:-)
nice point of view... well crafted warnings. very good!
Wow! This is awesome. I love the comparison. Great insights throughout. I agree with Crista that the part about the undeserved anger we feel toward the Lifeguard -- and I particularly love and believe what you wrote about His feeling the most pain over every loss. Beautiful!
You did an awesome job with this piece! Though we have a Lifeguard, we also have responsibility to heed the instructions He has made so plainly clear to us in His word! We can make all the choices we want; we have a loving Father who gave us free will. The one thing we cannot choose are the consequences for the choices already made!