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Okay, lake beach works :) Well done narration. Perhaps, one of the best of class. Thank you.
Wonderfully told. As for me, I knew I needed to be baptized, but really didn't look foward to it -I HATE getting water in my eyes lol -but I did. It was really a step of faith for me :)
This was very real. Well done.
Excellent piece. Good job!
The characters and their dilemmas are well drawn. Real life drama. Well written.
Amen. If we are old enough to make a decision to seek the Lord, then we are at the age where we can make decision to baptized--and no one can force salvation on anyone. I agree with Kelly--God answers prayers. Good article.
The dialogue really drew me into the relational conflict and also Kelly's inner heart conflict. I was on pins and needles wondering how both would be resolved! How fitting that, at the end, you directed the reader back to God's supremacy in human life.....
How true it is that our emotions play such a part in our decisions. Making decisions based on God's Word instead of how we feel takes time to learn (I'll be learning til the end of time!)
Great story-telling. Well done.
Blessings, Lynda
well written and nicely polished.