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Wow. Awesome! This is the first story I've read today; the title hooked me right off. I love the parallel between the girl and the beach. Good job!
Wonderful, great parallel, so well written and the descriptions are so clear that I felt I was riding along with you.
A powerful story -would love to see what happens next.
Yours is the caliber of writing that I aspire to. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Your descriptions are great, and the way you've linked the scenery and the girl is excellent. The take-home lesson for the reader is also very clear without being too obvious. Well done.
Apart from the fact that this is a very well written story I enjoyed it because it reminded me that every journey begins with one step. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the big picture. Thanks for posting.
Someone had a vision that went far past what we presently see. Wonderful, brilliant story. God bless, littlelight
Lovely, absolutely lovely. I like these lines: "It began with one person: someone with vision to see beyond the present circumstance; someone who remembered this spot as Shell Beach, known for its clams, and with faith enough to reclaim it. I wonder who?" Very inspiring. Makes me want to step out in faith, with God's help......
excellent writing. Very very strong piece.
This is a very creative piece! I enjoyed it! Well written.
Wow! I LOVE this story. Your message is strong and powerful, your description is great, the parallel is wonderful. Just awesome!
Wonderful story! Well written and incredibly descriptive. I'm dying to know what happens next!