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Member Comments
This must have been an awful time for you both. Your attitude amidst all the difficulties is an inspiration.
You are absolutely right with the title, God is never late.
I hope everything is OK now. You shared your story really well.
Thanks for sharing a difficult learning situation from your life.
This is a very moving story and I like the fact that you have narrated it in an upbeat manner rather than going for the woe-is-me sympathy vote.
If I may, I'd like to make a couple of helpful suggestions. I think that your first paragraph is too cluttered with details that threaten to distract from the main thrust of the story. For example the cutting of the brake lines steers the reader's imagination off in a direction that ultimately doesn't go anywhere.
My second suggestion is that your story ends a little suddenly. It's good to know that you found blessings out of the tragedy but the reader would be interested in hearing what some of those blessings were.
I hope this is helpful. Keep the faith!