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Well crafted and heart warming. I actually was in a group that did this once and it was the most touching exchange I've ever been part of. Thanks for reminding me of that time in my life.
What an inspiring story. I love how they gave their hearts to each other. A wonderful idea for people with or without the money to buy cards and gifts. God Bless.
Beautifully written and a wonderful idea. I would have liked to have seen a stronger ending but I love the line about the words being etched on our hearts. The feeling came through this piece loud and clear.
Written so tenderly with a wonderful, giving heart shinning through out! Nice job indeed!
Precious from start to finish :)
What a lovely idea! I'm guessing your story will inspire others to do the same.
Beautiful story! I'm not sure how you could have ended it seemed fine to me, though I would have liked to read more. That word count....

Nice job!
This touched my heart in all the right places. ;)