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Very good story, I liked the descriptions very much. I might try a different title something a little more fetching perhaps? :)
Lovely story. Could call it "Dogged Welcome," "Flying Welcome", "Mum's Cooking", "No Surprises Today", or "Pause the War". I loved it how the family knew it was you. ust the right touch.
Well done! Very good writing and a well-deserved HC. You painted the scenes so well, evoking powerful emotions. I liked the reference to 'before this hell ruined everything', you speak for countless millions there. But my absolute favourite line was 'OH NO - THEY'RE AIRBOURNE' I almost ducked! Good work!
This was good, it felt like it was more than just a story,which is as it should be written. I, too, liked the AIRBORNE part. Great way to go home.