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Well now, I have no idea whosoever who might have written this. NOT!
Delightfully different, I could certainly imagine the discomfort you felt in that unwelcoming restaurant. It would have been interesting to find out why they were so diffident about your presence. Maybe a follow up conversation with a fellow GI to relieve the suspense?
Anyway thanks for sharing a particularly memorable Christmas dinner.
Very interesting and disconcerting. It's tough to imagine how unwelcomed that soldier must have felt. I'd love to find out why the wait-staff acted as they did.
It is so very difficult to say good-bye any time of the year, but must be heart-wrenching during Christmas; a time when our lives are so full of family, friends, and such.
I'm sorry this last comment was meant for another entry. Ooops.
Apparently I did not communicate well the jest of the story. It was not that a GI was being treated poorly but that he did not realize it was Christmas - the reason for the empty VN restaurant and the "reception" by the waitress and cook. Thus the bland(er) hamburger upon finding it was Christmas and right next door in the mess hall a wonderful Christmas dinner was currently being served - "Why eat here, GI?"

I do want to mention that the Vietnamese people I came in contact with (and there were many) were friendly and I made several friends while there. They were a beautiful people.
Yep Clyde, you did leave out the jest of the story. ( I am very surprised at you) :) After your explanation, now we get it! I know next time you'll be in the winner's circle again.