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I had to laugh at the "bounce on the bed rattling my full bladder." :) What a Christmas gift for her. Your title is perfect for this heart-warming story!
I love the way this started - I can so relate! I also like the husband - I want presents! That made me grin. Her surprise took me by surprise. Great story!
Yeah, I didn't have any expectation about what she would find. Well done!
I was very taken with the phrase "A smile crept in with her...". Gorgeous!
Sweet story. You had my emotions a-rolling, from laughing at her feeble attempts to stay in bed, to the mystery of her husband's behaviour to the joy at seeing her brother. Nice, nice job.
Lovely and heartwarming. I was right there in the kitchen, with her. You've written this well and what a nice surprise for your narrator. Good job!
Oh, what a happy surprise! Love this ending and what mom can possibly get away with sleeping in on Christmas morning!? Lovely story.
This is really heartwarming on so many levels. As a mom - it warms my heart to remember those moments of children so anxious on Christmas morning. As a wife - it warms my heart that the husband would be so thoughtful. And as a sister, it is wonderful to share in your mc's suprise. :)
Oooh, I could feel the warmth of the little girl cuddling up with me...very sweet story with good imagery. Well done.
its so great to read about soldiers coming back. war is so dangerous... it can make a person feel bad about the wonderful, every day moments, like the ones in the beggining of your story.