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Good story.
Fast paced and fantastic! I'd love to use this to witness to the many 'head-bangers' that I know.
The car scene was so realistic...with the exception of POD [I threw away metalica} and 'As the Deer Panteth for the Water' I could believe we lived this trip. Good conclusion!
I'd like to think this was a dream or unconscious reaction rather than a death-to-life experience, but in any case, it held my attention! And of course the happy ending, a potentially changed life, was a relief.
I followed through all the way, very nicely written. The ending I suspected though, I was thinking about the wizard of oz for some reason. Very unique story. God bless ya, littlelight
Great story! I loved it. Keep up the good work!
You really captured a teen's viewpoint! Great read!
I pray for something just like this to happen to my lost loved ones! Great job. I really enjoyed this!
Isn't it great? God does allow U-Turns! And He has a way of getting our attention like no one else can. He always answers our prayers for our lost loved ones. A very encouraging read! Thanks.
Wow! What a story. I was sucked right in as usual. I liked being in the head of the rebellious teen and experiencing the dream. Excellent!
Really great story! If that wouldn't wake you up then I don't know what would. :)
Great job! You made me feel like a teenager again :) Thanks for sharing!
Another nice read, would I expect anything less?
Excellent! Loved it!
Great characterisation and a story that 'drove' me through to the end.
Lynda, you seem to have a knack at getting into the mind of a teenager so easily. This was VERY good and I wanted to stop by and make sure you knew that you were just a fraction off making it into the Editors' Choice. There was just 0.008 between you and 8th place. So be encouraged. Love, Deb