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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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"I know I am not out of reach of the One who loves me more than any other." This is the line that defines the strength of all those who know Him. From struggling start through fearless witness to brave, indeterminate finish your story gripped me. Great writing.
This is beautifully written with a wonderful message.
Congratulations on your EC! Amazing that you were also thinking of prisoners for this topic. God must be trying to tell us something. Beautiful story.
Congratulations!! Fabulously inspiring story.
Amazing! We need to seriously think of how many christians are persecuted for being a christian and not be complacent in our walk and belief. Instead, we take a good look at where we are spiritually and thank God that we still can praise Him and attend the church we desire,etc. One day, and not that far off I do believe that it may take persecution and less rights given to us to finally wake us up and have us not take for granted how blessed we are indivudually and as a nation. Oh Lord, that we wake up before it is too late, and draw unto Him, and share the Good News, through our examples of His love and mercy! Wonderfully written. Congratulations hon! Lord bless you!
WOW - amazing. A story of despair and hope all wrapped up in one story. The place sounded like hell, only there was no void of God's presence. Now that was awesome writing, and obviously, the judges thought so too. Congratulations on your win. (does that put you in masters or do you have a ways to go?)

I look forward to reading more of your writings. Blessings, Connie