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Member Comments
Interesting and well written, good job.
Very good! I've read several along this line (from the POV of the future), and this is my favorite so far.
Very engaging piece and well written, too.
I really enjoyed this. The open ending definitely makes it to where this could be made into a longer story.
Interesting story - that ending was excellent!
Very creative approach to the topic...thought provoking.
Cool future perspective on the United States. Love the title and open ending. Wish we all lived the saying on that coin. :)
Excellent. I was engaged throughout, and the dialogue especially was quite good.
Di, this was one of my favorites in Advanced, and I like it still more on a second read. I am disappointed that it did not make the top five, but hold out hope that it will be in the top 15/40.
Wow! I'm a huge fan of what I like to call "bleak future" stories. I am actually working on one myself. It's interesting and scary to think about what the future could be like if we continue on the path we are currently on. However, I look forward to the rapture and Heaven someday.

You are an excellent writer, and you drew me right into this story. It could have been boring if written by the wrong person, but you kept things flowing and kept me reading. Thanks for sharing.