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Member Comments
Being a romantic, your title drew me in. Very lovely way to inform your reader about a time in history. Good job.
I found this exchange of letters very touching. Good writing.
This was both informative and evocative. Well done!
Excellent. This was a nice slice of history to read and you shared it well.
I was taken in by the obvious affection shared by this couple. This was a creative way to share that bit of history between New Zealand and France.
You made this bit of history entirely captivating. Well done.
This is one of my favorites this week. Love everything about it!
Excelent piece of historical fiction. Great writing!
I was completely engaged. The love between these two characters is palpable and beautiful. You definitely made this history "lesson" a delight to read.
I love the creativity of sharing both letters with us. Very well done.
These love letters feel so authentic. It seemed like for sure I was reading the actual sentiments of these two people. I loved how they did end up having chidlren and named one of them Hamish.

Glad I can ctach up on your works that I missed. Great stuff!