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As the mother of two princesses of my own, I could relate to the depth of feeling here.
I liked how you portrayed the husband as the one who had greater affection for the was a nice change from the usual female expression. Keep doing changes like that, and keep writing!
You did an excellent job bringing out the tenderness in your brother's story.
The was a tender piece...lovely. Well done.
I remember that day well, too, because we were celebrating my son's birthday dinner and had just finished the party when the news came over the TV that something had happened. Very sad. Nice story that inter-weaves the personal and public events of the day.
Lots of great words choices here - "...caressing, yet raspy voice," "...a steel band wrapping itself around her belly," the tear splashing in the last paragraph. Ahhhhh, just good writing that engaged my senses. Oh yeah, the story was bittersweet as well! Great, great job Karlene.
The format worked very well, and I like many of your descriptive phrases.

I was skeptical of the emotion for the Princess' death shown by the was helpful that you included the footnote. (I guess some men were more deeply affected by this event than I realized.)

Good job personalizing a major event in modern history.
I just have to say, until I wrote this, I had forgotten why my brother has a difficult time saying "no" to his daughter. I'm glad I did this, I have a new and fresh appreciation for his devotion to her.
I remember hearing the tragic news of Princess Diana's death, and this story brought back some of those sad images. It was nice "seeing" it through someone else's eyes, too! You used some good,descriptive words in this enjoyable piece! :)
I wish you had more room to write! So much more detail here than 750 words allows. A very well-written piece....the emotions are vividly described and the unique story is quite endearing. Thank you for taking the time to share this.