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Wow - Great personification! This was a great perspective, and a fresh way to look at the political history of Canada, and indeed how it has been moulded by its great Creator.
A great piece. Clever and thoughtfully written.
This is wonderful. You have portrayed the nation very well and with such creative style.
Oooh, very clever. I liked this. You certainly tagged on personality to quite a bit of things here, I liked it. Made it sooo much more realistic to follow the different countries. ^_^ Nice.
Very thought provoking...perfect title.
Beyond creative. And SO interesting - I was totally engaged. Excellent writing that flows smoothly from thought to thought - and what thoughts! Loved this entry!
You used excellent personification as analogy to describe the different countries of South America.
How very creative this is! I love how you made each country a person and described the personality traits of Canada. The more of your stuff I read, the more I remember how truly creative and unique your writing always is. I am a fan for sure.