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I am so sorry for your experience here, but rest assured that all Canadians are NOT negative towards Americans. Can I give you a hug over this computer (well, in theory anyhow!)?! Brothers and sisters we are, and always will be.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world who love to hate Americans (the president of the country I live and work in being one of those!). But as Diana commented, don't let a few rotten apples make it hard for you to appreciate the rest of the orchard. Most of us are quite nice, really!
I too am sorry for the bitter taste left in your mouth by your "ignorant" roommate...Most of the Canadians I know are more than happy that we have such a great neighbour....I went to a Bible school, long ago, and there were as many Americans there as there were Canadians, and there were many out of continent kids there too. We all blended in well and I do not remember any negative attitudes towards the Americans...Hope you come back to Canada some time and experience a different attitude. Canada is a great place....From what I have heard on the news, MANY Americans welcomed your new President...Doesn't that say something?...God's blessings...Helen
Correction: I said "many Americans welcomed your new President." I meant to say "many CANADIANS welcomed your new President."...Helen