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Great story. I enjoyed this piece.
Thank you for writing about this bright light in our history. Good story well done.
Good piece about a time in history, only not enough explantation about how the underground worked. Very unclear about how Toby arrived at the farmer's house. A few dialect issues also with Toby. A little to open-ended at the end. I know with word limit constraints very hard to do justice with such an important subject.
Oh, I was sooooo hoping somebody would do something about the Underground Railroad! You did a fantastic job (this is your FIRST historical fiction - wow). I loved the language of Toby and the ending was perfect, hopeful yet not too sticky sweet. Great, just great.
You kept my attention from beginning to end. Great job on this piece of historical fiction.
What a wonderful story! I love promise of a family reunion at the end. Well told.
I love the way you ended this, with that little note of uneasiness.

Some of Toby's dialect bothered me a bit--since slaves were often taught English by their masters, wouldn't their English be more proper? It seemed a bit stereotypical...but that could just be me.

Stories of the underground railroad are always inspirational!
Thanks for your lesson on this much unknown subject. I had no idea. Your story took on a great realism. Good job!
If you read the slave narratives the dialect is perfect.

Very good job.
Interesting piece. You were able to hold my interest. Yes, the dialect is right on. I'm a South Carolinian and there is alot of truth in the piece. Very good.
So inspirational and very beautifully done.
Well done, Karlene! You did this very well - I'm glad you took the time to enter. A lot to cover in a short piece!
Karlene, your writing just keeps getting better. This is suberb.
Karlene! You did an EXCELLENT job! True and honest writing. I like it very much.