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Captivating story line from the beginning to the end. Excellent use of word slang to keep the reader's attention. It was enjoyable to read! Have a blessed evening!
Funny story ... dung is a very valuable commodity in India, collected and sold for heat. Imagine that being your family's trade? Enjoyable read.
Extremely clever!
A funny story. I will be glad to not see any cows the next time I go to New Delhi. LOL

One thing to note. One of the characters said that 20% of Indians know Christ. That number is actually 2-3%.

Thanks for this humorous piece.
This was so much fun! What a clever bit of writing...great ending! Well done!
Enjoyed this a lot. Your stories always captivate me, I'm becoming a big fan.
I loved the accent of the men. Enjoyable read.
Love this. Very, very original.
Frustrated cowboy, eh? Fresh story, easy read, fun. Good entry. Certainly one-of-a-kind!