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Nice story of the hope India so desperately needs.
We surely don't realize, in the U.S., that there are those that have no understanding of Christianity. Even non-churched here have heard the message. I am in awe of missionaries that spread the Word. Very good story. I loved seeing the husband's change of heart.
I was very moved by this beautiful story.
this is a well-written story.

A couple of notes. In India, people would not share the same spoon. Most people eat with their right hand. If there was only one spoon, it would be offered to the guest. Also, in a traditional village, the wife would not eat at the same time as her husband and guest. She would eat after they had finished.

I also liked the title of this piece. Good work.
This is a very well-written story. It flows and is "soft" which mimics the message the MC offers. Nice touch.. Also, I think it is sometimes harder to write in present tense. You did a very good job.
This is definitely a story of hope, and I pray that India's eyes will be opened to the hope that is Jesus Christ. Great writing!