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Interesting story from a grim time in history.
Your title caught my eye, as I studied the White Rose group in my German class. They have a neat story. Would have liked to see more action, and a little less summary, in this story, but you brought up some neat points about how Sophie and Hans might have been viewed by those around them.
It did feel a bit rushed at the end, but fascinating to muse on how it felt to be a German at that time. Creative take on the topic.
Powerful. Meaningful. Masterful. Just plain FULL. Good job on a short notice idea.
I enjoyed this story, very well told.

Having read "The hiding place" and other similar tales of life during the war, I really do admire the brave ones who survived and are not afraid to tell.

Thanks for sharing.
This is a fascinating story in that I had never heard of the White Rose movement before reading this. Guess what, I then went and checked it out!
What I feel about your story is that it lacks a definite sense of tension. I spent the first half wondering what was going on and why Greta was so agitated. As I couldn't discern any obvious villain or crime, my emotions didn't properly engage. In hindsight I think you would have done better to focus more strongly on the activities of the White Rose, perhaps even in looking at how the Scholls were finally caught.
I hope that this is helpful to you. Well done for pulling off so well such an ambitious project.